The Albania and the Belgium

The internet connection that I’m leaching from in the hall seems to be down at the mo, so I can’t interact with my public, so I just hope I haven’t upset anyone … yet.

Because now is the time. I am going to upset Lewis Edgeley of Albania and Kate Ryanair of Belgium.

Lewis Edgeley is trouble. He starts with the loading sequence of Jetset Willy on the ZX Spectrum 48k, proceeds to hand over to a bloke who yodels “half-day sale” for no apparent reason, and then just kind of… peters out. I’m not keen. I used to be keen until 90 minutes ago, but now … I’m not keen.

Kate Ryanair is rock ‘n’ roll. She turned to the floor manager and said very seriously: I need more vocals – especially me!. She is complete rock ‘n’ roll. Her pyrotechnics aren’t, however, and left me wanting a sparkler and a beefburger and a hot dog.

Her backing dancers have got the idea from somewhere that fluorescent-lit microphone stands are a good idea, coughSweden2005cough. It’s … I dunno, it kind of looked how I expected it to look. She’s got a bit of work to do, but don’t be tempted and misled into backing her to not qualify. She’s qualifying with knobs on.

That last bit will probably upset Phil Colclough of OnEurope!