The Sekret is out – Ronela Hajati updates Albanian Eurovision song

Ronela Hajati

Albanian RTSH is always one of the first to stage its national final, with Festivali i Këngës taking place just before Christmas each year.

It stands to reason the song might undergo a few changes before it tips up in May at the Eurovision Song Contest. And so it is with ‘Sekret’, the song Ronela Hajati will sing in the first half of the first semi-final of the contest. For one thing, it’s now mostly in English – with a smattering of Spanish and Albanian. Probably too late to point out how ‘sekret’ translates as secretion in German and Swedish.

And let’s be honest, the new version is QUITE different to the ‘almost song’ we heard while decking the halls with boughs of holly. To these ears, it’s still something of a mess, like Cleopatra ate too much cheese before bedtime.

Ronela worked with producer and songwriter Raoul Lionel Chen, better known known as Diztortion on the revamp.