I wonder what’s behind door 22 – or even door 23

For those of you with better pre-Christmas constitutions than us here at OnEurope Towers, I have good news. Your Christmas advent calendar has landed on the Albania FiK door!

For the last two nights we’ve seen 22 songs performed first in their original format and then given a Eurovision twist. What a feast for the eye and ear, if not for your mental state.

But be of good cheer mes amis, for RTSH leaked the 14 finalists by way of a tweet.

The lucky 14 are, as is traditional, listed in our Calendar section along with the link to watch this spectacular live (and frankly who wouldn’t want to do that … well me, for a start).

There has already been some fan faux horreur as a couple of the favourites have been eliminated at the first hurdle. By that I mean songs a minority listened to and sort of liked.

In time honoured tradition, RTSH will keep calm and carry on. they’ll stage a four-hour spectacular. This will either leave you thoroughly deflated by the winner, or happy there’s ample time for a remix.

As soon as we know the result, and we’re awake tomorrow, we’ll have it here for you!

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