12 April – Your kiss is like a, like a

Eurovision isn’t all about winning. For every winner these days, there are around 40 who don’t win. And a proportion of them don’t even get the chance to win, due to being discarded in the semi-final.

For some countries, getting out of the semi-final is a mere formality. You have your eye on the Saturday night, which you’re bound to make. Aren’t you? Well, if you’re Armenian, its highly likely. Unless you’re today’s birthday girl Էմմա ‘Էմմի’ Բեջանյան/Emma ‘Emmy’ Bejanyan. Her dubious honour is the only singer from her country who didn’t make a Grand Final. Had she scored two more points, a Final place would have been hers. I’m sure she’s not bitter.

Emmy is 34 today.

Ծննդյան տոները, Էմմին!

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