5 April – You thought this world was too cold

If you count it up, five countries that used to be in the USSR have won the top prize in our favourite TV show. That means five more haven’t yet. Which of these five do you think will be next?

One of these five – Armenia – has had two fourth places, which is a step in the right direction. This latest of fourths came from today’s birthday boy Արամ MP3/Aram MP3 (né Արամ Սարգսյան/Aram Sargsyan). To start with, don’t you just love that Armenian alphabet, But I digress. His style of song seemed very incongruous with his look. Lots of fun with dubstep in a very severe stylee. What’s all that about? Maybe I’m getting old or I just can’t pick a fourth-placed song these days.

Aram is 35 today.

Ծնունդդ շնորհավոր, Արամ: