8 July – Will you ever save my storming soul?

It’s début time, and one that saw an expansion into the Caucasus – that area some claim is Europe and some claim is Asia. We’re not going to discuss that geographical question here.

Today’s birthday boy Անդրեյ Սերգեյի Հովնանյան/André Sergey Hovnanyan, usually known by his first name, achieved a curious thing. He opened the sole semi-final in Athens, and closed the final. He qualified sixth in the semi-final, thus burnishing Armenia’s fairly good reputation in the contest. Belgium and Russia even gave him their twelves in both shows too. He may not have won, but we knew Armenia were here to stay. Who knows, they’ve won JESC, so that Big ESC win might not be far away.

André is 43 today.

Ծնունդդ շնորհավոր, Անդրե!