Result in Armenia – Are we going to have the whips to go with it?


The snappily titled Depi Evratesil returned to Armenian screens after their national broadcaster insisted they knew best when it came to Eurovision last year – turns out they really didn’t.

One of the earlier finals this year in terms of Western European time saw twelve acts take to the stage for a single-round straight fight with a 50/50 televote/jury mix picking the winner.

Why?Karina EVN302925848
What is to be in loveHayk Music2720105712
Life facesErna Tamazyan3431551202
No loveEva Rida40395848
Chains on youAthena Manoukian6058501681
It's your turnGabriel Jeeg392040995
Ha, take a stepSergey & Nikolay Arutyunov153645966
Run awayMiriam Baghdasaryan3340351084
What's going on mamaVladimir Arzumanyan2731601183
HeavenArthur Aleq3015206511
Save meTokionine283830947

So, the winner is the massive favourite – A Greek-Armenian singer called Athena… you couldn’t make it up could you?!