14 March – Oh, yeah, I felt this pain

Make a statement, they say. You only get three minutes, so you have to make an impact. In days of yore, you only had the song to do that. Of course, now, there’s a whole staging that can enhance those crucial three minutes.

One group of people who maybe dread an elaborate staging are those reliable stage-hands who have to remove one set of props and install another set, all within 45 seconds. If you were there in Torino/Turin, you’ll know that this was a challenge when placing and removing the many stairs accompanying today’s birthday boy Sheldon Riley Hernandez. It was a staging to remember, and it also had to move. So when you watch Sheldon tottering around in his voluminous outfit and glittery mask, spare a thought for those stage-hands.

Sheldon is 24 today.

Happy birthday, Sheldon!