26 October – Do whatcha, whatcha, whatcha want

It’s always exciting when a country débuts in our favourite TV show. Over 40 countries have participated, and there’s always rumour of more débuts to come.

The newest country is that famous European country – Australia. Avid viewers for 30 years, the EBU allowed them to become proper participants in 2015. The dubious honour of the first entry fell to today’s birthday boy Guy Theodore Sebastian. He’d been seen in such programmes as Australian Idol, World Idol and the X Factor, so broadcaster SBS saw fit to get him the gig in sunny Vienna. As it was the 60th circus, he was bumped straight into the final, and some quarters were scared he would win, throwing the whole contest into a bit of a tizzy. As you’ll know, he came a creditable fifth, getting maxima from Sweden (who know their Eurovision onions), Austria (the genial hosts), and Netherlands, The. He missed out on four countries’ votes. Australia was firmly embraced into our favourite TV show.

Guy is 42 today.

Happy birthday/Selamat hari jadi, Guy!