4 August – Don’t you think it’s just a waste of time?

There are lots of exclusive Eurovision clubs out there. Double winners. Singers performing back-to-back entries. Or that other one – singers who first performed in an interval act before getting the main gig. We can only think of two.

One of this highly-exclusive club is today’s birthday girl Jessica Hilda Mauboy. She was an interval act even before her country first took part. It was an obvious sign that her homeland would be here for, well, a while anyway. In 2018, she got her own turn at the show, in sunny Lisbon. Things didn’t go that well for Jessica. Whilst finishing fourth in her semi-final, she could only manage 20th in the Grand Final. But at least she got there. In what we all thought was jury bait, almost 90% of her points came from the juries. Nevertheless, her country is a welcome addition. Now, who’s that other singer?

Jessica is 34 today.

Happy birthday, Jessica!