21 May – Posing so we’re hustling young queens

Eurovision can be a fickle thing. One minute you’re finishing top three, the next you’re failing to qualify for the Grand Final. It’s tough, but what can you do?

One thing to try is to make your song as current as possible. You can hope the beautiful people are tuned in to what could be a secondary channel on a weekday evening, looking for something entertaining. With the right audience, your song could be a winner. But if your target audience instead tune into the documentary on wildebeest on the other side, you’re scuppered. In other news, today’s birthday girl Pia Maria Außerlechner got the Austrian gig in Turin/Torino with her pal DJ Lumix. Their target audience was obviously doing other worthwhile stuff on a Tuesday evening in early May, meaning they only finished 15th, with most points coming from televoting.

Pia Maria is 21 today.

Frohe Geburtstag, Pia Maria!

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