23 July – We don’t need a Hercules to bring a man down to his knees

That thing where you hear a Eurovision song – pre-contest obviously – and think it could really challenge for the win when it gets on that stage. And then, when you see it on said stage, you wonder what you were thinking.

Our friends in Austria have a patchy record at the contest. They’ve had many highs counterbalanced by a similar number of lows. In 2022, ORF sent today’s birthday boy Lum!x (né Luca Michlmayr) with his pal Pia Maria. There’s was a floor-filler that would be a sure-fire hit, wouldn’t it? Well, maybe the staging wasn’t quite right, with the twosome contained within a large, well, halo. It meant they couldn’t really move about much, and that was probably what the song needed. The televoters still loved it six times more than the juries but it still wasn’t enough to push the song over the line and get them out of the semi-final. Still, ORF righted that wrong one year later…

Lum!x is 21 today.

Frohe Geburtstag, Lumix