29 September – It has to be the language of fantasy and freedom

We all know that some countries have a love/hate relationship with our favourite TV show. One or two in central Europe are currently taking a breather, and it seems to be a thing for that part of the world.

Back in 1971, the contest went some overhauling and our friends in Austria returned after a few years out. As a ‘reward’, they opened the show in Dublin. Today’s birthday girl Marianne Mendt (née Marianne Krupicka) got that honour, and chose to sing in the Weanarisch (Viennese) dialect of German. A brave move. Anyway, she got to kick off the new scoring system by finishing, erm, 16th. But on the plus side, Marianne paved the way for future Austrian songs that were in local dialects. For that, ORF should salute Ms Mendt as a trailblazer.

Marianne is 75 today.

Feliz cumpleaños, Pastora!

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