8 April – Say a word and I’ll be there, say a word and I’ll be there

If in doubt, repeat some words in your song lyric. It can sometimes pay dividends. Or it can make it appear that your song was originally two minutes and you needed to pad it out somehow.

In 2002, Austria sent today’s birthday boy Manuel Ortega (né Manuel Hanke) to Tallinn. A very un-Austrian name, he was actually of Spanish ancestry. That sort of thing could maybe earn an extra vote or two for Austria from Spain. Maybe. As it happened, Manuel’s song didn’t get any points from Spain, so they missed a trick there. Instead, he got a surprise maximum from Turkey of all places. It could be that Manuel’s little song was on too early to make an impact. And he came on straight after a song that eventually finished equal third. Luckily for Manuel, his home country has had worse finishes in the 21st Century.

Manuel is 44 today.

Frohe Geburtstag, Manuel!

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