11 March – She is a killer with that freaking perfume

Do you play any contests on repeat? Are you convinced that the xxth Eurovision Song Contest was the best one ever? Maybe your favourite is 2019. It has its high points, but I have other ones I like more.

Talking of 2019, some singers were more eagerly sought after than others, for various reasons. You might remember today’s birthday boy Chingiz (né Çingiz Mustafayev). Again, this might be for various reasons, which may include his singing prowess. His stage was memorable with robots. Not in the Sammarinese sense, but in the full-blown hard-working industrial precise type. It was like the Citroën production line. Our Chingiz did well from Russia (remember them?) in particular – 24 points in his semi and the same in the Grand Final. And eighth overall. Not bad for a song he co-wrote with four other people.

Chingiz is 32 today.

Ad günün mübarək, Çingiz!

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