3 July – Luna moon me up

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When your country has a good record in our favourite TV show, it puts extra pressure on performers to keep up this tradition. But there will come a time when that country will do badly.

In 2018, our friends in Azerbaijan were one of the final countries to reveal their entry. It was nicely upbeat and a jolly little tune, written by three people of non-Azerbaijani extraction. Who knew? Anyway, the lyric was interesting to say the least. But would the singer – today’s birthday girl Aisel (née Aysel Məmmədova) – continue her country’s fortunes? The answer was no. By finishing 11th in her semi-final, and a mere 14 points behind Saara Aalto, Aisel became the first Azerbaijani act to date to not make the Saturday night Grand Final. I’m hoping she’s been seen since.

Aisel is 35 today.

Xoşbəxt doğum günü, Aisel!

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