4 June – I’m scared of breathing

It’s duo time! And with two singers you get double the chance of seeing what could be your favourite song played. And, for some, this will be their favorite song of all time.

Cast your mind back to 2011. A certain country on the edge of Europe had been gunning for their maiden win, and in that year it happened. Much to everyone’s surprise. Well, my surprise at least. It was the year of Italy’s long-awaited return, a certain other country’s worst finish since 1995. And a win for Azerbaijan. It featured London-based Nigar Jamal and today’s birthday boy Eldar ‘Ell’ Parviz oglu Gasimov. They didn’t score that highly – eleven countries got a three-digit score. But win they did, and no-one can take it away from them.

Eldar is 34 today.

Xoşbəxt doğum günü, Eldar!