Azerbaijan – Second time around

Aisel takes it lying down for Eurovision 2018

Now remember we’ve got FIFTEEN of these to get through today.

Aisel is now dancing on the cheeses from the first day, she tends to run around the stage and the vocal never changes – good job there are only five of them on stage, that’s all I am saying. It looks professional, and now has on-screen graphics. It’s still choreographed until it begs for more, although now the lighting cues are in it looks less messy.

The lyric is still as hideous as it always was but having said all of that it does get into your head and Mr Showbiz himself RDH has started singing along to it – and that is a worry.

I still believe that this is going to underwhelm Europe but they seem more confident in the song but its still awful.

Is this qualifying? Sadly, yes.

Press conference

Image Credits: Thomas Hanses.