Oh Farid, yessssss!!

Azerbaijan at Eurovision

I’ve just dashed over to the arena and back to catch Azerbaijan and that was a seriously wow moment for me! They’ve taken the fairly average and plodding song and given it a great, if not breathtaking, stage presentation. Farid looks stunning and really charms the pants off the cameras. The guy in the box is supposed to be his logic holding him back, though I’m inclined to think it’s his gay inner voice trying to pull him out of the closet whereas the siren temptress in the red dress is trying to push him back in it! Is it a little over done? Possibly, but it’s very very strong and we could be going back to Baku everyone.


This semi continues its firming up here with our Krista performing the socks off of this, though one luminous one did get wedged over her knobbly left knee! It’s hiding an infected wound she told me yesterday and she’s on the antibiotics. Keep taking ’em girlfriend cos it’s giving you one helluva performance. Totally mad, bonkers and fun. Late deployment of pyros give this even more oomph! Definitely qualifying and possibly a top ten for Finland.