Phil’s Eurovision Countdown 2019 – Part 5 – Azerbaijan


Chingiz’s sexuality is the exact embodiment of what this song is. It wants to be everything; both Middle Eastern and disco stomper, and yet can’t quite make up its mind and ends up being everything and not making a choice.

I also find this song a tad too long, like about 30 seconds too long, and get the feeling that the writers have indeed used the old cliché about a song needing to *be* three minutes rather than being a maximum thereof.

That said, there is a lot to like.

Chingiz is easy on the eye, seems to sing all the right notes in the right order and is semi naked in his preview. Hurrah!.

It’s not a difficult listen, which is good if you need the voters to pick up the phone, and that last 30 seconds does get into your head… annoyingly.

Phil’s Score – 6 points

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3 years ago

Is back in form and is serving a modern and very accessible song. If I am hearing correct there are some small touches of traditional instruments in the orchestration. When in it come to Azerbaijan I mostly don’t get them but here I am enjoying it very much,
That’s said – I admit that when the song ends, I just can’t remember how the song goes. I usually get a song after a few listening but here it took me quite a lot of listening until I remember some of the song.