10 April – We’re gonna rap-op-bop tonight

Do you feel for Belgium? A fully-formed country, but two broadcasters that keep to their own markets – except for Eurovision of course and, I understand, there are very few channels of communications between the two. I’m sure it’s not true, and they get on like a maison/huis on fire.

With this choice of broadcasters, language has always been fluid for Belgium. The Dutch sing in Dutch, English and Imaginary. The French sing in French, Imaginary, and also dabble in English. Like today’s birthday boy Loïc Edward Nottet. He eschewed his native tongue, employed some foreign-born backing singers (well, at least one) and chose English. And what happened? Only second in his semi-final. AND fourth in the Grand Final. One day – maybe soon – the Belgians could win our favourite TV show. And you too could be eating chips with mayonnaise.

Loïc is 24 today.

Bonne anniversaire/Gefelicteerd, Loïc!

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