25 June – Tonight, I make a wish

What do you think of people from one Eurovision country singing for another? Is it right or should a broadcaster stick to their own nationals, or at least nationals from non-participating nations?

Today’s birthday boy Nuno Resende is a native of Portugal, but sang for Belgium in 2005. To the untrained ear, you’d never guess, possibly as he’d lived in Belgium since he was 12. And it did get him the maximum from the country of his birth. That, sadly for Nuno, was roughly where his luck ran out. In a cut-throat semi-final in Kyiv, he didn’t quite get enough points to make the Grand Final. Nuno has since made his name as a stalwart of music theatre in Belgium and France, so his three minutes in stage in front of 100 million people was maybe just a sideshow for him.

Nuno is 48 today.

Bonne anniversaire/Gefeliciteerd, Nuno!

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