4 January – You can’t stand those bombs which all explode around us

Another day, another birthday, and today it comes from plucky little Belgium. You know the place – capital of Europe and made up of a conglomeration of various communities that sometimes speak to each other.

Of course, with a country taking part in our favourite TV show for so long, we have a rich selection of singers to choose from when it comes to birthdays. And today’s is, I think, one of Belgium’s best. It comes from that decade of change that was the 1990s, and was from today’s birthday girl Mélanie Cohl. She did her stuff in Birmingham and finished a very commendable sixth, even scoring a maximum. Good for her. She palled up with then fellow teenager Michael Hajiyanni and they are apparently still friends. Who says Eurovision can’t build bridges?

Mélanie is 42 today.

Bonne anniversaire, Mélanie!