5 July – Well, look at us now

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Ah, the guilty pleasure. The term might be a little odd, but we all have the song that you think you shouldn’t like, but you do. It becomes your earworm when you least expect it, like buying yoghurt at the supermarket, or at your parole hearing.

Today’s behatted birthday boy Gustaph (né Steffen Caers) toddled off to Liverpool in 2023 with a very catchy little song. It sang of progressiveness and, more importantly, a joy of life. And even though his ditty might not be to everyone’s taste, it did enough to finish seventh in the big Grand Final, with most of its points coming from the juries. Maybe it was that guilty pleasure for many of the viewers too.

Gustaph is 44 today.

Gefeliciteerd/Bonne anniversaire/Frohe Geburtstag, Gustaph!

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