5 September – Forget your wild hairs

Our friends in Belgium are a curious bunch. Plucky as ever, and taking part since the first contest (1956 in case you were wondering), and only ever had one win.

It’s a nice arrangement that the broadcasters for the two main communities alternate their participation. But there must be – perhaps – glee on one side in that they got the win. The other side may win one day, but they still put in interesting songs. In 1981, Belgium sent today’s birthday girl Emly Starr (née Marie-Christine Mareels). She showed much leg and sang her sultry song about a Biblical hero. She wanted to be his Delilah, and perhaps be the one to cut his hair. So why did she finish 13th? Not enough leg? Too much leg? Too much Bible? Or maybe her hairdo that was too fashionable/not fashionable enough.

Emly is 65 today.

Gefeliciteerd/Bonne anniversaire, Emly!