Belgium – another five minutes of ‘pyro’

Well, The sound check was a bit rubbish, and it has, unfortunately, continued in that vein. The stage has fluorescent boxes on it, which I believe are supposed to signify the level of points she will gain on a bar chart – they are somewhat low.

There are some male dancers that add to the visualness that do weird things with florescent mic stands and pyrotechnics and the like. – She has no vocal range and the backing singers are carrying her – which is the opinion of both Me and Julie Wright – the pyrotechnics should improve things a bit – but its highly unlikely

Sorry Belgium – on this evidence, this is going absolutely nowhere in my opinion – there seems to be a weakness to it that is almost naive. – Again, the Baby Eurovision could be the place for this – but it just looks to clumsy on stage to, at this moment, qualify, let alone be to the wonning.

This had better improve somewhat on Saturday.