14 April – There are only two ways to live your life

There are so many different ways to tackle your three (or maybe six) minutes of fame on that Eurovision stage. Being part of a noteworthy duo is one tack. Or you could perform a duet by yourself. Yes, you read that right.

Today’s birthday boy Željko ‘Jacques’ Houdek tried this novel approach. It’s a thing that can work if you are a very good singer, and have a range that can cope with two aspects of the same song. And if you can mix and match your costume, even better. Jacques did all this and more. So much more he got six minutes on the stage in Kyiv. The juries weren’t that keen, but the televoters loved him, even to the point of getting a couple of maxima. He may not have won, but Jacques is guaranteed a slot on every Eurovision clip show for years to come.

Jacques is 42 today.

Sretan rođendan, Jacques!