21 April – Six seven six eight six nine

There’s often a debate these days about language. Does a country opt for their own tongue, or one of them? Or do they go for something more mainstream? Usually English. There are arguments for and against, but we think it’s nice when a country decides to go native.

There are some styles, and some songs, that don’t suit non-native languages. we admire a country for sending something to our favourite TV show that showcases their own culture, as it proves that a pervasive grey music style isn’t always right. Back in 2006, our friends in Croatia sent today’s birthday girl Severina Vučković-Kojić with a group of gentlemen singing in the local turbo-folk style, with elements of klapa thrown in for good measure. Severina, I understand, was a game old bird and even managed a slight costume change on the night. She finished 12th equal scoring from one fewer national vote than the song it tied with. It showed there was some scope for non-English, and, perhaps, a backstory.

Severina is 52 today.

Sretan rođendan, Severina!

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