25 December – I put my coat on and leave

If you’re not confident on stage by yourself, what do you do? Well, you get some pals up there with you. You know they’ll be on your side, and if things don’t go well, you can lay the blame on them.

Our friends in Croatia had one of the best ex-Yugoslav records in our favourite TV show for years. For fourteen consecutive contests, they appeared in the Saturday night final, and even managed two fourth places. Towards the end of this run was today’s birthday boy Boris Novković – a Sarajevan by birth. Boris got some pals on stage with him from the Lado folk dance ensamble. They were there letting Boris do his stuff and, aside from percussionist Tomislav Tržan kept their schtick to modest helpers. Thinks went OK for Boris & co in their semi-final, finishing fourth. And he managed an eleventh place in the final. That’s OK you may think, but are you in a country that would kill for a result like that these days?

Boris is 55 today.

Sretan rođendan, Boris!

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