4 September – The world without you might as well not exist

We celebrate all manner of things with our birthdays. The winners, the losers, the ‘also-ran’s. They all count, and you can guarantee that someone out there will like every single Eurovision song.

So just occasionally, a song might not quite be as well-known, and has the fate of not getting through to a Grand Final. For many years, our friends in Croatia had no problems finishing respectably. Then the semi-finals come along and the world isn’t quite the same. HRT held their own for a few years before the inevitable happened, and they stayed in the semi-final. Today’s birthday boy Adolf “Dado” Topić was part of the act that couldn’t quite cut it. Dado and his Dragonfly pals got points from nine countries, but this wasn’t quite enough. Since 2007, Croatia’s fortunes haven’t been quite the same.

Dado is 73 today.

Sretan rođendan, Dado!