6 June – You’re turning tears into cotton

Getting your Trinity Audio player ready...

Do you notice that some areas specialise in certain styles of music? For example, our friends in Finland like their hard rock, and they’ve occasionally sent it to our favourite TV show.

The Balkans, by contrast, like their big ballads. They follow a general formula and that can sometimes pay dividends. Marija Šerifović anyone? Anyway, today’s birthday boy Igor Cukrov did his own take on the Adriatic ballad with help from Andrea Šušnjara. He’d come through the tried and tested route of a X-Factor-style talent show, in this case Operacija Trijumf/Операција Тријумф. He didn’t win, but so many Eurovision singers have come through similar routes and also not win. Moving on to M*sc*w, he made the Grand Final as a jury pick before finishing 18th. Finishing 18th might not be that good, but he did beat Sweden! Maybe it was the costume change.

Igor is 40 today.

Sretan rođendan, Igor!

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