7 November – I’m with him and you’re a secret treasure

Do you have high hopes for a particular country. No, not Sweden. I mean a country that has the capacity to win our favourite TV show, but have never quite managed that win just yet. Remember, any country can win.

Back in the 1990s, hopes were high that the first ‘new Europe’ country to win would be Croatia. Obviously they’ve been taking part for 30 years so can’t really be considered ‘new’ anymore. In Turin/Torino, Mia Dimšić got the gig from HRT, so made the short trip with a self-penned song. She demonstrated her musical prowess by having her guitar with her. Then in true Anna Bergendahl stylee she shed it to finish her song. And we all know what happened to Anna. Mia finished 11th in her semi-final too. So we’re still waiting for that first Croatian win and a possible second trip to Zagreb.

Mia is 31 today.

Sretan rođendan, Mia!