Croatia – Are you having a laugh, love!

Nina Kraljić representing Croatia with the song

Oh my actual god…. She’s wearing some sort of dress that is beyond silly.  It’s all feathers and silver and open backed so Nina has got her tats out for the lads (on her back).

She was also singing the Eric Morecambe mix in the 2nd rehearsal  (all of the right notes, but not necessarily in the right order), which is a shame because this is a good song.  I’m not happy about the staging though, It comes across on stage as looking very silly indeed.

Nina starts with a tree dress that looks all kinds of daft and that gets whipped off but I think that it doesn’t need to be overblown.  The song itself is strong enough to get through on it’s own merits.  Now, however, it’s been reduced to “That woman singing in the silly dress.”

Not sure anymore.

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