Croatia – Damn that’s duuuurty


You know when you get a certain vibe from a song and you think “Cor blimey that looks good on stage”? Well I’ve just had that vibe with Franka.

She’s wearing black lace (a dress, not the band), she knows where the cameras are, there is a wind machine (naturally) and overall, has belted the song out and has literally just shown the Macedonians how to perform a song.

The vocals are spot on and, importantly from a writing journo point of view who has to describe this to you, she looks … filthy down the camera. It just exudes class and sass in all forms: a great modern song, great staging that gets you from where the camera is focused on Franka’s outstretched hand, through to the rap, where she finds the camera and on to the great ending. She’s one performer that has got the point of rehearsals and has attacked this camera rehearsal from the get-go.

If she keeps this intensity throughout the week, ‘Crazy’ is through.

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