Croatia gears up for “Dora” 2024

Get ready for some Balkan beats and Adriatic vibes, because Croatia has unveiled thelong list for its national Eurovision selection show, “Dora” 2024!

On 15 September 2023, HRT opened a submission period where artists – required to hold Croatian citizenship – and composers were able to submit their entries to the broadcaster until 30 November 2023. At the closing of the window, a record number of 203 entries had been received.

An expert committee reviewed the received submissions and selected twenty-four entries (plus four backups), which were announced on 15 December 2023; the participants include Damir Kedžo and Let 3, who won the competition in 2020 and 2023, respectively.

Dora 2024 is set to be the twenty-fifth edition of Dora, the national final format which selects Croatia’s entry for the Eurovision Song Contest.

The competition is expected to take place at the Marino Cvetković Sports Hall in Opatija and air on HRT 1 as well as on the streaming service HRTi. The head of the Croatian delegation to the contest, Tomislav Štengl, initially discussed the possibility of including two semi-finals in addition to the final.

The songs which have been released from captivity are in *sound* format now are :

A Tamburitza LullabyAlen Đuras
Rim tim tagi dimBaby Lasagna
NepobjedivaBarbara Munjas
Can We TalkBoris Štok
Voljena ženoDamir Kedžo
How Do You Love MeErna
Pametnom dostaET
TišineEugen [hr]
Nebo plačeJames Night
MoreLana Mandarić
Ne vjerujem tiLara Demarin
BabarogaLet 3
Plavi leptirLu Dedić
Vodu piti trizan bitiMario Battifiaca [hr] feat. Robert Ferlin
One DayMisha
DijamantiNatalie Balmix
Baby, BabyNoelle
Do mjesecaPavel
Ne plačem zbog njeSaša Lozar
Sretnih dana dat' će BogStefany Žužić
Od kad te sanjamThe Splitters
Slatke suze, gorka ljubavVatra
Lying EyesVinko

Here is a quick recap – courtesy of the Misja Eurowijza Youtube channel.