Croatia is busy, yet still could do with a bit more

Albina, Croatia, First Rehearsal Eurovision, Rotterdam Ahoy, 9 May 2021
Albina, Croatia, First Rehearsal Eurovision, Rotterdam Ahoy, 9 May 2021

Croatia up now. This is the kind of song I like while it’s playing but can’t really recall enough afterwards if I’m looking to cast my vote. Albina seemed to be an engaging performer in the Croatian Dora, so I’m really looking forward to seeing what she has for us today. Her style could really elevate this. I think she needs to as right now I feel it could go either way qualification-wise.


There’s a lot going on, and yet perhaps also not enough. She lines up with 4 male dancers, initially along a plinth, which seems to be on one of the satellite parts of the stage. They move around somewhat, and hoist her aloft, shot from above over a video on the floor, that at this stage looks less than convincing. There’s a nifty camera trick in the middle where she splits herself into 5 Albinas. It’s shot in blues, pinks and purples, which kind of suits it but also renders it a little dark.

There’s are some interesting choices in the outfit department. Albina’s in an almost nude illusion catsuit with strategically placed beading that suggests quite a lot more than it actually reveals. The dancers have too much on. No, that’s not just a plea for more bare torso, but they have cropped top, erm, bondage-ique thingummies, that are way too busy. It’s all a bit distracting on the screen. I spent more time trying to work out what they actually were wearing than I did listening to the song.

Vocally she’s there, but visually I don’t think this is the boost she needed. Cyprus two songs before her brings the singer and four combination with a lighter, brighter effect and with bags more fun. A subsequent run through seemed to crank the energy up a little, and the language switch in the middle helps too. I’m still in the borderline zone with this but veering towards it just not making it right now.

Monty x

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