Dora crowns the Croatian Eurovision performer for 2022

Fourteen songs were in the running to represent Croatia at the Eurovision Song Contest 2022. Once again, the recently revived DORA format was in action with each act performing live and facing a 50/50 jury/viewer vote.

Mia Dimšic won Dora 2022 with “Guilty Pleasure” and will now represent Croatia at Eurovision.

The songs this evening were picked by a jury of experts (TM) from 184 submissions received after broadcaster HRT put out a call for entries. Those taking part needed to have Croatian citizenship.

It wasn’t an entirely unknown line up for regular fans of the contest. Of the 14 participants, eight have taken part in the competition before. Tina Vukov and Zdenka Kovačiček were back for their third pop at the title.

1Os Azeitonas"Solta a voz e canta"TBATBATBATBA
2Cubita"Uma mensagem tua"TBATBATBATBA
3Inês Homem de Melo"Fome de viagem"TBATBATBATBA
4Syro"Ainda nos temos"TBATBATBATBA
5Pepperoni Passion"Código 30"TBATBATBATBA
6Milhanas"Corpo de mulher"TBATBATBATBA
7O Vampiro Submarino"Ao lado de mim"TBATBATBATBA
8Jonas"Pontas soltas"TBATBATBATBA
9Blacci"Mar no fim"TBATBATBATBA
10Pongo and Tristany"Dégrá.dê"TBATBATBATBA

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