Updated: HRT names Dora 2019 acts

Dora 2019

Sixteen songs will compete in the 2019 Dora – the contest that picks a song to represent Croatia at the Eurovision Song Contest.

Broadcaster HRT released details of the songs taking part – and initially named two standby songs (just in case). On 29 January 4 Tenora withdrew and their place was offered to standby act Tonka who turned it down. Kim Verson was next in line and accepted the invitation. Two further reserve acts were added: Patricia Gašparini and Eni  & Vjeko.

It’s a list largely peppered with new performers, though a closer look reveals more familiar songwriting names behind the scenes.

In all, 150 songs were submitted for the competition. A jury was charged with cutting this down to the shortlist.

Dora 2019 takes place on 16 February in the coastal town of Opatije.

Here’s who made the cut

  1. All I really want Elis Lovrić
    (E. Lovrić – E. Lovrić – E. Lovrić/O.Dešić)
  2. Amorero brutalero Luka Nizetić
    (B. Mihaljević – M. Mihaljević – B. Mihaljević)
  3. Back to the swing – Gelato Sisters
    (T. Hrelec – T. Hrelec – T. Hrelec)
  4. Nisam to Što Žele – Kim Verson
    (K. Verson – K. Verson – S. Pasarić)
  5. Don’t give up Beta Sudar
    (P. Martinjak – P. Martinjak/M. Johansson – P. Martinjak)  
  6. I believe in true love – Bernarda Bruno 
    (D. Rapotec Ute – T. Bon/B. Brunović – D. Rapotec Ute)
  7. Indigo – Domenika
    (T. Huljić – V. Huljić – L. Škaro/T. Huljić)
  8. In the shadows – Manntra 
    (M. Matijević Sekul/M. Kolarić/B. Kolarić – M. Kolarić/M. Matijević Sekul/B. Kolarić – M. Matijević Sekul)
  9. Ne positojim kad nisi tu – Jure Brkljača
    (M.D. Rus – M.D. Rus – M.D. Rus/M. Blum)
  10. Redemption – Ema Gagro
    (A. Björkman/A. Pupavac/K. Persson/E. Gagro – A. Pupavac – A. Björkman/A. Pupavac/K. Persson/E. Gagro)
  11. Tebi pripadem – Lea Mijatović
    (I. Ivanović/M. Vojvodić – I. Ivanović/M. Vojvodić – I. Ivanović/M. Vojvodić)
  12. Tek je počelo – Lidija Bačić Lille 
    (D. Dumančić – Fayo – B. Đurđević)
  13. Tell me – Jelena Bosančić
    (J. Bosančić – J. Bosančić – J. Bosančić/A. Devčić/H. Domazet)
  14. Tower of Babylon – Lorena Bućan
    (T. Huljić – V. Huljić/I. Huljić –L. Škaro/T. Huljić)
  15. The dream – Roko Blazević
    (J. Houdek – J. Houdek/C. Mason/A. Čubrić – I. Škunca/F. Gjud)
  16. Vrijme predaje – Bojan Jambrosić and Daniela Pintarić 
    (A.T. Eterović – L. Čeči Baksa – A.T. Eterović)

Image Credits: HRT.


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