If Tommy Cooper was still with us…

Houdek times two

He’d be taking out a suit against the Croatians for breach of gimmick.

They seem to have listened and/or realised that their first rehearsal was “a bit shit” so they have now decided to stop Jacques from turning to each side and singing the song, so they get him to sing to a large projection of himself on the backing … because that makes sense and all.

It’s still as ridiculous a concept as it ever was, and the problem with this is not so much that, but the fact that I have it on good authority that Jacques believes in the concept … and can’t see that people are laughing at and not with him. Once that happens, the game is lost.

Again, like San Marino, this will only pick up the ironic televotes IMHO, which is a shame because Jacques can sing as has been shown in his previous EMA performances. Someone in his delegation needs to be honest with him, it’s not qualifying … but they won’t.


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