Cyprus: 17 down, one to Fuego


17 down, one to Fuego, and it is of course Cyprus. Eleni appears in a tunnel of laser cloud, clad in a golden catsuit, which also reflects in rainbow hued, and with a cut away panel over her tummy. She’s flanked by 4 female backing singers and together they turn in a tightly practiced formation strut with some quite marvellous hairography flicking and swishing back and forth as she, well, slays, Queen!

There are some fireball overlays, at one point two great flamethrowers blasting out from roughly the area where they look like she’s farting them. (They get a better frame of this the second time round; it’s a damn shame they probably won’t make the broadcast.) Some later ones are less effective, overlaid to a tight cut into Eleni without the dancers.

If you like a pop diva doing what a pop diva should do you’ll not be disappointed by this. I am however disappointed that there’s not a pineapple or banana in sight…

That’s your whack for today, folks. See y’all in the morning for – ugh! – Norway. I might stay in bed…

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