Cyprus go to Schlager hell in a handcart

So in being first to show their hand CyBC lead the way for the class of 2017.  I’m not sure, though, they know what they have done.

Who dat then?

Image result for Hovig DemirjianHovig Demirdijan, a 27 year old Armenian-Cypriot born in Nicosia, has been chosen as the island’s entry internally by CYBC. The Cyprus Mail online have reported that sources within the CYBC have chosen Hovig …

“because he is especially talented and much loved by the public.”

Hovig is no stranger to the contest. He is an alum of X Factor Greece. In 2009, he finished in seventh place, which propelled him to try twice to represent Cyprus, being runner up in 2010 with “Goodbye” and fourth in 2015 with “Stone in a River”.

Euphoria … Cypriot to the end of time?

Image result for Thomas G:SonThe song will be written by that famous Cypriot Thomas G:Son (yes that Thomas G:Son) who clearly needs no introduction having written countless songs (and some of them have even been quite good) and is clearly having Siegel-esque moments in the sun. This will be the second year in a row that he will have written a song for Cyprus.

It’ll be alright on the night? Yes?

Hovig was enthused at being chosen, it is said on his Facebook page, by saying “nai” to CyBC and he:

“intends to work very hard, day and night, to deliver the best possible performance in Kiev.”

What he has to work with, however, has not been revealed.  That pleasure will take place in the future.

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