Fue go go go!!


Eleni is up last in the first semi and she is sizzling hot in flame gold and red catsuit joined by a troupe of female backing dancers and they are tight tight tight I can tell you. This is just the tonic I needed today after a day that, with the exception of Austria, has been underwhelming. 

A lazer tunnel to start, sassy side strutting and overlayed onscreen flames make this a perfect piece of tv pop to close the semi. In direct contrast to the busy prop dependant Finnish song, this shines. Of course it’s nothing ground breaking musically but it’s just not trying too hard and knows what it is. The pyros at the end are probably overdone if I’m perfectly honest but I can see why they’ve closed with this, it’s good entertainment. 

This routine has been rehearsed within an inch of its life hasn’t it? Vocally Eleni isn’t perfect but it doesn’t actually matter to qualify, probably a different story to do well a week next Saturday but the party now has my new favourite uptempo number. Eurovision always surprises doesn’t it?

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