Mo’s Eurovision 2023 Countdown: Cyprus

Andrew Lambrou - Break A Broken Heart - Official Music Video

Aussie Andrew Lambou is this year’s imported talent taking to the stage for Cyprus at Eurovision. And to be fair, there’s nothing especially wrong with ‘Break a broken heart’. There’s also nothing remarkable here. It’s formulaic and sounds like it could have rolled off the Melodifestivalen production line.

He’s already told fan sites ‘my appearance will be epic’ (in Liverpool) – and whether he’s referring to those munchable arms or the staging of his song remains unclear. There’s yet to be mention of hit-and-miss merchant Sasha Jean Baptiste, but I’d put money on a Luca Hänni style performance.

In the video, he’s emoting and ‘acting’ a little scenario involving a swimming pool and a date gone wrong, so no clues there. It was all going so well for Andrew until he tried to fob off his lady friend with a cheap trinket. She was fuming (see picture).

All told, in a stronger year, this might struggle to qualify, but given the right amount of skin and a decent vocal, we’ll be hearing this on Saturday.

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