Those Cypriots are going young again.

Silia Kapsis

So last year Daddy Greece (A phrase I should never ever use in conjunction with this site ever again) decided to go down the route of a young talent in the shape of Victor Vernicos.  And that went about as well as enyone with a brain would have expected it to.

However, not to be outdone the child Greece, Cyprus, for the avoidance of doubt, have not only had their chosen route of selection thwarted by Greece but have decided to copy last years homework and go for the young and inexperienced.

Silia Kapsis, born in Australia (Cos thats a talent pool that hasn’t been tapped before) at the back end of 2006 will be 17 by the time the contest rolls around.  She currently hosts Nick News AU….. presumably a young adults show…. and has appeared in the films Pearly Gates and Welcome to our Lockdown both of which will clearly be fun filled spectaculars.  Her singing career is still in its infancy and might well be smothered just after its birth if this goes badly, but she has already released a few singles and links to her channel can be found below

I’m sure CYBC know what  they are doing and arent just following Greece’s mistakes from last year.  Right?? RIGHT?!

As it’s still September 2023 at time of writing, it’s too bloody early to be thinking about things like this, but the song will be announced when all of us are ready…. or perhaps shoved out on a Sunday evening if it’s shit!