Czech Republic – Benny’s bouncy, but he could be bouncier


Ssh! It’s Benny for the Czech Republic. I fecking love this. I so want to be in Rotterdam basking in Benny’s infectious energy. I think people have been sleeping on this song and I’m hoping Benny can bring it to life on the big stage.

Benny starts solo stood in a cage of strip lights. He’s lost the locks and has gone for a cropped blond look. He’s in an orange jacket. He’s joined first by two male then two female dancers who proceed to the catwalk and satellite stage. It’s upbeat and fun, though quite a simple presentation in a formula of a singer and four dancers that a heck of a lot of acts have opted for this year. In this sense it doesn’t offer the standout it perhaps needs.

Benny is best when he’s smiling and connecting with the camera, but at this stage neither it nor he are quite hitting their marks. There are a few too many moments when it’s just filming a performance (to a diminished and distantly seated crowd) that would benefit enormously from some direct down the line engagement to the viewers at home.

Some of the backing vocals sound a little too low in the mix, presumably the pre-recorded ones, and the contrast with the live vocals is a little jarring. I’m not sure if this can be adjusted in the track at this stage, but what can improve is some work to review the shots and for Benny to spend some time planning his camera cues.

There’s space for improvement here, and for Benny to really sell the song, but also plenty of potential for him to rise to this challenge now he has an actual stage performance to work from and will get a live audience to feed off.

Monty x