Czech Republic: The full package

We Are Domi at their second rehearsal today in Turin
We Are Domi at their second rehearsal today in Turin

We are DOMI end the second semifinal, coming right after the Swedish favourite – and given Cornelia’s stumbles, it does the almost impossible and trumps what went before.

The staging is superb. The shots are excellent, chopping and changing in time to the song. It’s a world apart from the Belgian camerawork. The sub pulsating on the beats of the song – finally looking quite intentional. There’s much light – right up until they go out ahead of the chorus (that’s especially effective).

Domi looks great and moves so well, hitting all the right notes. The costumes work so well with the lighting and cameras, so whoever put the package together did good.

It’s a brilliant closer – and even though I’m not a fan of the song – I’m certain it’s through. The fact we’re almost surely losing Austria (based on yesterday’s rehearsal) can only help its chances of a left-hand finish.

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