Czechia will decide….. on a *Monday*?

In a change to last years web only final, Czech TV have announced that they will show thier national selection, ESCZ 2024,  on a Monday night (opposite Quizzy Mondays on BBC2 – bastards) but not on their first, or even second channel.  They are going to be showing it on CT ART (for god’s sake) and live on Youtube.

If you’ve got nothing better to do on a Monday night, i’d give it a watch if only to make sure that CT bother to put it on one of their two actual national channels next year.

There are going to be seven singers taking part in the final and they are, in alphabetical order, Aiko, Elly, Gianna Lei, Lenny, Mydy, tom Sean and Tomas Robin. There were, apparently, 200 submissions were whittled down to these seven bu Cezar Sampson and the Czech Delegation – so no one to blame but themselves I reckon.

The final, scheduled for 65 minutes, will start at 2015 CET on Monday 4th December with voting lasting a week.  I presume there will be a results show at some point but nothing has been scheduled! ( Edit -12th December apparently) – The performers and singers are shown below.

Song Performer(s)
Pedestal Aiko
The Angel’s Share Elly
Starlet Gianna Lei
Good Enough Lenny
Red Flag Parade Mydy
Dopamine Overdose Tom Sean
Out of My Mind Tomas Robin