Definitely a blank Czech

Martina Bárta

They might be calling themselves Czechia nowadays but Czech Republic – as I insist on calling them – still can’t find that elusive thing, a song that is any good.

I don’t know what they are trying to achieve here. Marta just stands on stage and sings the song and that really should be enough, if the song were strong enough, but that is where everything falls down. It’s not strong, in fact, it’s very very weak. It sounds like either “Nothing compares 2 u” or “Clown” slowed down, rehashed and packaged in Bacofoil with MASSIVE shoulder pads(her stage outfit).

Marta also looks very lonely on stage which isn’t helping the overall vibe of “No”.

It’s almost as though the minimal staging is deliberately designed to take the ear and eye off the song. I just don’t know where the Czechs are going to get the televotes or the jury votes from. Marta should be ripping my heart out and putting it back together, but when you look at an 80’s bacofoil dress and a very insipid performance…. it makes you ignore it and that’s the worst thing of all.