One Republic…… Czech in the first Czech rehearsal (Photo: Indrek Galetin, EBU)

Franko: Okay here they come. If you’ve been following the developments in the land of Eurovisionia prior to our arrival here you’ll know all about this mob. The gypsy troupe with lively gypsy romp and lead singer dressed as superman’s geeky less super-powered friend. The stage is full of cartoon images as they clap and warble their way through this much like the national final. And strangely I like it. I’ve been quoted as saying if I close my eyes and don’t look at him that I actually even love it. The song is certainly the only one in this year’s contest with any trace of originality about it. Unfortunately it’s utterly doomed. Not only is it drawn second but no one in the 42 nations taking part in this blood bath is going to get it. They’re just going to see a fool prancing around in red trousers and a cloak singing a song which is 7 shades of weird. I wish them well, but they’re going to need it.

Phil: However the current European financial crisis seems to have affected the Czech Republic in quite a bad way – principally the song that they have chosen seems to be slightly on the cheap version, although the pop art on the screens surrounding the stage look really rather impressive, but the song itself was going to be a figure of hate, although actually it is just a bit, well, odd really – but not odd in a good way… just, odd! The colour balance was off on the cameras too so it appeared that he was in Green for some of it – shockingly it made it surprisingly better.