The full results of the Czech Selection.

If you had nothing better to do on a Monday night in Early December you will have seen the Czech final on the internets – or on CT Art if you are lucky/unlucky enough to own a television.

On December 13th CT announced, and by announced I mean revealed quietly, the result of ESCZ24. There was a weighted results system whereby 70 percent of the vote was gained by the International viewers and *only* 30 percent by the Czech televoters – because they presumably don’t trust them or something!

That Result (With adding up because we’re good like that) is shown below.

SongPerformer(s)CZ VoteInt VotesCZ (Weighted)INT (Weighted)TotalPsn
The Angel's ShareElly24,6797,8177,4045,47212,8762
StarletGianna Lei3727731125416537
Good EnoughLenny4,2161,5861,2651,1102,3755
Red Flag ParadeMydy [cs]6,4437,2831,9335,0987,0313
Dopamine OverdoseTom Sean 3,3313,5739992,5013,5004
Out of My MindTomas Robin7281,5632181,0941,3136

Born in Moscow, Aiko is a popular television talent show alum by being in Česko Slovenská SuperStar in season four and she has released soime albums and is currently based in Brighton.  Does that mean the UK can claim her?  – She’s going to be singing the song “Pedestal” at Eurovision – and here it is